How to Laser-Focus to Reach Your Goal in Network Marketing

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Follow One Course Until SuccessfulNow that you’ve set your goals, written them down and have taken your first steps to achieve them you need to FOCUS to reach your goals.

“Follow One Course Until Successful.”

Actually, you need more than just focus…you need to be laser-focused.

Imagine a magnifying glass gathering the rays of the sun. They don’t spread around the whole surface of the glass but concentrate in the middle to form one powerful beam.

It’s the same thing you need to do. Get rid of all your distractions. Stop chasing every shiny object that comes along. Totally concentrate on your main goal, your business opportunity, and give it 100% of your attention.

Are you sitting on a Gold Mine?


Before our oldest son joined us in our network marketing business earlier this month we had a long talk. Actually, he did most of the talking looking from the outside in. (You kind of get a different perspective that way.) Everything he said made perfect sense. It doesn’t hurt parents to take the advice of their children every now and then. Anyway, the talk came down to this…

“If you know you are sitting on a gold mine, you don’t dig with a spoon.
You dig with the biggest shovel you can find.”

Meaning, you put all your effort into digging for that gold. Your whole focus is on just that and everything else is secondary.

So, take a look at your daily activities.

Which activities add the most to your bottom line?

For us in network marketing it would be sponsoring a new customer or team member, right?

So how many presentations do you need to schedule for that to happen? How many times do you have to present your business opportunity for someone to say yes?

How many people do you need to sponsor
to reach your goal?


How many people do you need to have in your organization to reach your goal of let’s say an extra $1,500 a month to start off? That’s a mortgage payment. So how many people do you need to pay your mortgage?

Let’s figure this out in customers, because customers are easier to get than business builders. Plus they stick around longer because they joined for the products they love and can’t live without. So they order them again and again, month after month.

If your company pays you $10 a month per customer order in our example of your income goal of $1,500 you would need 150 customers. If you wanted to reach that goal in one year you would need to sponsor 3 people a week to reach it. If your company pays you $25 per order than you only need to sponsor 60 people or roughly 1 a week.

Now remember that you really don’t have to do this all by yourself. As you sponsor some business builders along the way, they will help you gather customers as well. It’s all a team effort.

So to recap, figure out EXACTLY what you need to do to reach the goal you’ve set for yourself and then LASER-FOCUS on the activities to get you there.

When there is a cap on earnings, people are concerned about
their bills. They can’t really dream big.When people enter Networking,
the game changes dramatically because there is no limitation on income.

When there’s no cap on earnings, there’s no reason to create limited goals. Therefore, networkers can actually sit down and planto do great things for themselves and others. _Mark Yarnell

Have you set your goals, written them down and are focusing on achieving them? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

To Your Massive Success,

The Enlightened Networker

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Comments (11)

Absolutely Ilka!

I won’t talk of how people should set their goals, because each one would have their own businesses and ways of working. But yes, the main point you explained so well is of focus – or laser-focus.

This is so-so important for anything that you do. Even if you are just cooking or driving, writing or knitting, or maintaining your blog etc. if you are not focused in your work or don’t have your goals set – you can really not tread the path the right way and you will waiver.

Nice to know that your son too has joined both of you, and there couldn’t be better teachers than one’s own parents. :)

Wishing all three of you much success and joy in working together. Thanks for sharing and reminding us about the importance of remaining focused in our work. :)
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Ilka Flood

Hi Harleena,

You’re right focus is important in anything we do. Funny you brought up knitting. I haven’t knitted anything in about 30 years but just recently got back into it knitting some socks for my sons. (Wasn’t sure if they’d like ‘house socks’ but they were a great hit.)

Anyway, I was knitting along watching the playoff game of our local football team. It was a ‘nail biter’ which reflected in my knitting as well, haha. Needless to say, knitting and watching football is not a good thing ;-)

And of course I totally agree with you that driving demands 100% of your focus. I get so mad at people who talk on their cell phones not paying attention to the road. Not only are they endangering themselves, but everyone around them as well. I wish they’d come out with phones that don’t work while a car is in motion.

Thanks so much for your great feedback! As always it’s greatly appreciated.

Have a fantastic day!



Hi Ilka,

I like the way you have integrated your perosnal experience here in this post :)

Owh YEAH, I’ve list down my goals for this month while targeting the theme of this year. Ugh… I gotta work on it, right? Well, I do and I’m really glad as I’e applied ‘em just before new year and I’m going up with it :)

I know I’m not perfect enough and has no much experience, but that’s where I love having advices from ones I can believe and learning personalities I come across :)

Anyone can have goals but they need to be realistic. Sometimes we tend to hit below the target by lowering our value, no dear? :) However quality matters than quantity for me as always and I hope I’m right there. I’m breaking down goals and taking step by step on it.

You know how happy we are when we see we are on right track, no Ilka? :) Absolutely, as you say, Laser-focus is matters and should prevent lesser-focus ;)

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Ilka Flood

Hi Mayura,

Yes, you’ve got to work on your goals, haha. After all it’s no good to just write them down and then not put any action behind it. But of course I know you do.

Well, it’s always better to dream bigger than to sell yourself short. How does that great quote go? ….“Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll still land among the stars.”

So go for it, Mayura!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Enjoy your day!



Mayura Reply:

I think you are having all quotes stored in your heart Ilka :) I really love the way you integrate quotes whenever possible. You must be a poet :D lol…

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Ilka Flood

Hahaha, thanks for your kind words, Mayura, but I’m far from a poet. I do love quotes though :)

Well congratulations for your son joining you both. I’m sure you’re pretty excited that he chose to go this route.

You are right on this point Ilka. We definitely need to stay laser focused on the particular goals we want to achieve or else we’ll be wasting out time away on something else and wonder why we’re so frustrated.

I definitely write mine down and then my daily goals each day. It really does help tremendously!

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Ilka Flood

Thank you so much, Adrienne, I appreciate that! He’s pretty excited himself.

I figured you would write your goals down and stick to them. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you. You go girl!

Onward and upward!



Hi Ilka,

Congratulations for having your son in your team!
I love your family conversation about sitting on Gold Mine.

It was exactly how my husband and I dragged each of our three adult daughters to review the Gold Mine Opportunity that we have found! I am glad that they came at various occasions and each one decided that it was a great ‘Plan B’, something that my husband and I deeply believe in.

Interesting though, they are still digging with a shovel.

You have explained very well about how to work out how many customers to get in order to achieve the goal….. and stay LASER focused in order to reach that!

Viola The Business Mum
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Ilka Flood

Hi Viola,

Yes, it’s really great to have him with us. It was his own decision. Quite honestly, I feared he was done with network marketing after a bad experience earlier in his life. Luckily he’s very smart and knows a good deal when he sees one.

Of course we have no control over decisions a company makes, but we feel very fortunate that we lucked out this time. I have never heard anything negative said about this company which just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary.

All the best,



Thank you for that nice share! :) I do really believe in Doing one thing at a time so that we can give all our energy and focus on it instead of doing a multitude of things. And i do believe in breaking up my goals into smaller ones, and achieving them one at a time. So that as time goes on, i get more experienced and it really feels good to work hard :)
Have a nice time..


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